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Elevating our USA 9v9 Teams to the Next Level

Your United Soccer Athletes (USA) Soccer Club is excited to announce the official initiation of our USA PREMIER ACADEMY TEAMS for our u11 and u12 age groups.  Over the past few years we have seen significant strengthening of the top teams in these age groups as they have headed toward 11v11 play.  This strengthening has helped us develop our Competitive Trajectory (learn more about that on our website).  Part of that trajectory has been to promote those teams into older age groups, participate in more challenging tournaments, and take advantage of more training opportunities.  In the end, those teams, once they get to 11v11 are naturally ready for the next level of competition - that is in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP - aka, premier).

This organic, controlled growth is a reflection of the USA approach to overall player development.  It can be considered similar to, but more balanced and practical, than participation in Directors Academy.  We feel that this approach affords our top teams with the opportunity (as a team and as individuals) to develop their soccer skills, strengthen their mental preparedness, and solidify their team dynamics.  What's more, it is accomplished within the same USA structure with which they (and their families) have become familiar, with an appropriate level of intensity, and with the same high value (vs. cost) that USA families have come to know.  Further, these teams will still be approached with the same flexible, nurturing, well-rounded sensibilities that all of your USA teams share.  This will not change.

With success in hand and some positive maturity steps taken (e.g., the USA Technical Training Team and Elevation Program), we are now excited to launch our PREMIER ACADEMY TEAMS.  These teams are what were formerly considered our Red teams at the U11 and U12 levels.  These teams will still form in the same time-tested manner as all of our other teams.  The big difference is that their seasons will be augmented with:

· Specialized team uniform badges

· Increased interaction with the Technical Training Team

· Free participation at the Elevation Summer Camp

· Free participation in Summer Elevation

· Free participation in Winter Elevation

· Heightened expectation of increased participation, focus, dedication, commitment and loyalty

· Participation in challenging tournaments

· Potential accelerated advancement into the 11v11 divisions at U12

· Expectation of following the Competitive Trajectory into the MSPSP league at 11v11

Through intentionally moving our 9v9 age groups through this part of the Competitive Trajectory using this approach, it is our vision to maintain the strongest USA players within the USA family, strengthen our players technically, tactically, mentally, and emotionally. In doing so, create more teams that continue to realize significant achievements in their high school years - in the Club and on their school teams.  We are excited to look to the future with this new, strengthened approach to 9v9 development.

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