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USA Summer Upper High School Girls Elevation I

We are excited to announce the initiation of our Summer Elevation Programs.  USA is now offering our players a suite of training and competition opportunities prior to the fall season.  These programs are designed to give our players experiences similar to Super Y and Director's Academy programs while maintaining the practicality and accessibly that defines our Club.

All of our ELEVATION PROGRAMS will feature instruction by members of our TECHNICAL TRAINING STAFF and will include participation from various senior coaches.

The USA SUMMER ELEVATION PROGRAMS are supplemental to our regular team (those formed through tryouts in June) training and competition.  This SUMMER ELEVATION PROGRAM forms teams that are outside the regular league teams (this team has ZERO impact on placement on regular league teams).  As such, participation in the ELEVATION PROGRAMS will be additive to participation with team functions.  All USA teams will have trainings during the summer.  All players are expected to participate in their regular team activities.

The foundation of our ELEVATION PROGRAMS will be to provide focused, intentional, technical individual development instruction.  The expectation is that participants will be 100% committed to individual growth; executing the instruction, learning the concepts, and dedicating themselves to continuing their commitment outside of the programs while they join their teams and while at home.

We are excited to be ELEVATING the USA game and offering these great opportunities.  Follow the links below for the current details.

Upper High School Girls Summer Elevation I

This summer program is focused on college preparation* through elevated training, competitive friendlies, and travel to elite-level regional tournaments.

  • The program is intended for female players in our current 2005, 2006 and 2007 age groups.
  • This team will form via tryouts in the winter.
  • Registration for the tryout is requested using the USA registration system prior to the tryout.  See the details below.
    • If an individual cannot make the tryout they MUST complete the online registration process.  See the details below. Not attending the tryout will certainly impact selection to the team.  Attendance is highly recommended.
  • The tryout is this Sunday, January 29th from 11am-1pm at the Soccer Stop mini field.
    • Check-in will be from 10:00-10:45 in the aisle-way to the right of the mini field (between the mini field and Field 2).
    • A player/parent meeting will be held at 10:45 on the mini field.
  • Team formation will take place in the days to follow the tryout.
  • Selected individuals must commit, register and pay online through the USA registration system upon committing to the team.
  • The targeted tournaments are (subject to change):
    • Wisconsin Summer Shootout (Appleton, WI) - June 24-26
    • USA Cup (Minneapolis, MN) - July 18-22
  • Training Sessions:
    • Summer: 6 sessions, Mondays, 8pm, location TBD (likely outdoors at the Soccer Stop)
    • Winter: 2 sessions, dates and times TBD
  • Cost: $400, includes tournament fees, summer uniform, coaches fee, field space usage
  • Instruction will be led by Kirk Sautter, Matt Margaron with instruction from USA Technical Team staff.

* This program is open to all ladies that want high-level play even if college ball isn't in the plan.  On the flip-side, if you want to play in college but can't commit to this program, it will not get in the way of your path to college-play.

A couple of important "big picture" points:

  • Tryouts are open to all.  There are no limitations or pre-qualifications to tryout for these teams.  It does not matter what league a player participates in during the regular season (e.g., premier, elite, select, non-club).  Participation will be based on the results of tryouts.
  • Participation in any of these summer programs has ZERO impact on participation with fall teams.  We trust that the ladies and families will not harbor any negative perspectives relative to their regular season fall teams based on the participation on these summer programs (as there will be none from the coaches).
  • As this USA program is a summer program that is separate from the regular competitive season,  players from other clubs may also participate.
  • These programs are offered to ELEVATE the skill and experience of all of those that participate.
  • Based on the questions and feedback we received over the past weeks, we are EXPANDING our summer programs to support a wider range of commitment levels.
  • These programs are intended to augment whatever individual fall teams plan to do over the summer.  They are not necessarily a replacement.  Individual team coaches will make plans that best fit their individual teams.
  • As all of these programs are new, many of the details for each of the programs may not be completely defined at this time.  They will be solidified over the balance of the winter.
  • Instruction for the programs will be supported by a combination of existing team coaches and USA Technical Team staff.  The coaches supporting the summer programs will have no correlation to the coaching staffs for the fall teams.

Registration Details

We request that individuals attending tryouts register online prior to tryouts.  If you are unable to register online, you may do so onsite (but, this will slow the check-in process for you and other participants).

To register follow these steps:

  • Go to your account on the USA website ( by accessing the LOGIN link (upper right corner)
    • If you do not have a USA account, create one using the REGISTRATION link (upper right corner) on the website. 
  • Navigate to your player account.
  • Find the appropriate available program.
  • Complete the registration steps.
  • There is no cost for this registration.

To indicate your absence from the tryout follow these steps:

  • Go to your account on the USA website ( by accessing the LOGIN link (upper right corner)
    • If you do not have a USA account, create one using the REGISTRATION link (upper right corner) on the website. 
  • Navigate to your player account.
  • Find the appropriate available ABSENT program.
  • There is no cost for this registration.

Any questions about the programs can be directed to the USA Director of Coaching, Wade Schuemann, at [email protected]



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