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The store has been update with new items for the spring!

Follow this link to the store ~~~  USA SPRING FAN GEAR STORE

Order NOW through March 15th.

Orders will be ready at the Soccer Stop in time for the start of spring games.


USA Families,

USA purchases uniforms club-wide every two years (we use the same style uniform for two competition years).  Historically we select a mid-range style from Adidas to ensure unified quality and durability.  This year we are maintaining the kits purchased club-wide last year.  Only new players or those wishing to replace uniforms need to purchase a kit this year. Uniform pieces are always available for purchase of the course of the two years in the event that replacements or larger sizes are needed.

Our uniforms and club gear (fan-wear) is managed online through Team Gazelle.  We do not manage any part of the ordering, payment or fulfillment process.  Ordering uniform kits, pieces of kits, or other Club gear is completed directly between the families and Team Gazelle.


Orders are due before July 1st in order to ensure delivery prior to the start to the fall season.

When ordering your complete uniform kit (required for every USA player) each one of the required items must be purchased.  The required items are:

1 - white home jersey
1 - blue away jersey
1 - grey practice jersey (these jerseys are the same as the most current past kit - if your player is the same number as last year and you have a practice jersey that fits, you may opt out of purchasing this item.
1 - blue shorts - LADIES ... when ordering note that the shorts are offered in WOMENS SIZES as well as mens sizes.  These shorts are not as long as the men's shorts.
1 - blue socks.

The club now has an official keeper's top! It is required that all goalies wear the top for games.  We want all of the club keepers to share a common look club-wide.  They are available online along with the rest of the club kit.

For players that are "Goalie Only" (do not play on the field at all during games) you MUST purchase the goalie top.  You may swap out the Practice Jersey for the Official Club Keeper Top.  You will have your number on this top.

For older players (rule of thumb - players on 11v11 teams) that are both "goalie routinely and the field", we suggest that you get the official club keeper top with your number BUT YOU MUST purchase the full "field player" kit.

For young (rule of thumb - players on 4v4 and 7v7 teams) and middle age (rule of thumb - 9v9 teams) teams that manage "goalies by committee", you are NOT required to purchase a goalie top .. but certainly may.

Beyond the "official club keeper top", there are other keeper tops available for purchase AND we are also offering an optional "complete keeper kit" (orange top, orange shorts, and orange socks) if you want to go head to toe.  If a player has a "favorite" keeper top, they may wear it at practices, but the official club top is required at games.

Prior to ordering a uniform kit, each player must have their assigned uniform number.  This process is managed by the team head coach.  Before ordering confirm your uniform number with your coach.

As this is "uniform maintenance year" there may be a need to adjust uniform numbers.  If a player changed USA teams from last year, they may have a uniform number that is duplicated on the squad.  This process is also managed by the team head coach.  The resolution for this is 1) select an alternate number and purchase a new kit or 2) add the number "1" on the end of the existing number and maintain the current kit.  Numbers can not be removed without damaging the uniform.

The process for getting this modification is:

- The player confirms the need for the number change with the coach
- The player provides all uniform pieces (not socks) to the coach
    -  The kit must be in a plastic bag
        -  The plastic bag must have:
               -  The player's name
               -  The coach's name
               -  The player's family cellphone number
               -  The player's family email
- The team coach provides the uniform pieces to the USA administrator
- The USA administrator transfers the kit to Team Gazelle
- Team Gazelle makes the modifications and returns the kit to the USA administrator
- The USA administrator give the kit back to the coach.
- The coach give the kit back to the player


To complete the ordering process, order online at 

Orders can be placed by visiting: 

<< the URL link MUST be entered in your browser as it is written - typing in Team Gazelle will not get you to the right page >>

  • Once at the Team Gazelle site, type "USA" in the 'select your club' search field.
  • You will see our logo on the top left of the clubs - click on our logo to navigate to our catalog.
  • Under UNIFORMS (on the left navigation bar) you will see options ... SELECT or PREMIER ... make sure that you choose the correct option (select = our select and elite teams)
  • Please note that you will not be able to place your order until your player number has been assigned.  If you do not have a player number contact your team coach.
  • When ordering complete uniform kits (required of each USA player) the user must select on each one of the required items (there are 5 items - 2 jerseys (home & away), 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of game socks, and 1 practice jersey) and enter the size, player number (make sure it is entered correctly on all 4 items), choose quantity and click on "add to cart".  Goalkeepers must also order the Keeper Top.  The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

Contact Team Gazelle directly with any questions about the ordering process or your order status (including back orders) once it has been placed or received.  The Club does not have any information about uniforms.  You will be referred back to Gazelle.

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