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Select & Premier Team Tryouts

USA Select and Premier Team Tryouts for 2024/25

USA Soccer Club welcomes all soccer athletes who want to join the USA FAMILY OF TEAM FOR THE 2024/2025 COMPETITION YEAR

We are supporting GVSA Teams at the following levels: 
Boys and Girls, birth years 2018 (U7) through 2006 (U19)

We are supporting Premier MSPSP Teams at the following levels:  Boys and Girls, birth years 2012 (U13) through 2006 (U19)


Saturday, June 8 (rain date = Sunday, June 9)

Boys 2012 through 2006
Check-in: 8:30-9:00am (at gazebo closest to entry of park)
Tryout Start: approximately 9:00am
Tryout End: approximately 11:00am
Girls 2012 through 2006
Check-in: 11:00-11:30am (at gazebo closest to entry of park)
Tryout Start: approximately 11:30am
Tryout End: approximately 1:30pm

Important Notes: 

  • Any player that tries out for a premier team but does not achieve a roster spot will be urged to attend the select/elite tryouts for placement on an top-level select team.
  • The club will decide on the formation of Premier teams based on the number and quality of players that attend tryouts - if a premier team is not formed, a top-level team will be formed (players will have to attend select tryouts).
  • Decisions for Premier team rosters will be made at the field at the conclusion of the tryout.
  • Players that are offered roster spots will be expected to immediately make a binding commitment by completing the required MSPSP Registration Form (to be provided onsite) and paying the $200 team commitment fee (non-refundable) that will be applied toward the full team fee.  No cash is accepted - check or electronic payment only.


Boys 2018 (U7) - 2006 (U19) - Monday, June 10 (rain date = Wednesday, June 12th)
  • Check-in: 5:30-6:15pm (at large tent)
  • Tryout Start: approximately 6:30pm
  • Tryout End: approximately 9:00pm

Tryouts will be held at USA's fields at Helder Park (corner of Quincy St. and 104th Avenue). 

Girls 2018 (U7) - 2006 (U19) - Tuesday, June 11 (rain date = Thursday, June 13th)
  • Check-in: 5:30-6:15pm (at large tent)
  • Tryout Start: approximately 6:30pm
  • Tryout End: approximately 9:00pm

Tryouts will be held at USA's fields at Helder Park (corner of Quincy St. and 104th Avenue). 

In the event of a weather cancellation, if the announcement is not made prior to the start of check-in at the field, notice will be posted to the home page of this website only (do not rely on Facebook or other social media for official information).

How To Register ... Required/Requested

To get the organization of teams for the upcoming year headed in the right direction, we need to know who's returning or planning to join USA.  We ask this every year for informational purposes.  The information you share does not influence tryouts or team placement.

Share your desire to tryout for a USA Team.  To make this happen we have set up a "tryout registration" page on our online registration system.  Simply follow these steps and you will be all set.

Please note:
~ Everyone must respond regardless of what tryout you plan to attend (select or premier).
~ If you will be absent, you may indicate that during the registration process.
~ if you will be absent from tryouts, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU ATTEND OUR PRE-TRYOUT CAMP (and tell the coaches that you will be missing tryouts).
~ If you are unable to pre-register, walk-ons are 100% fine.


Then navigate through the guided steps.  If you are using the online system for the first time, you will have to create an account first and then you will be able to continue to register your player.  If you already have an account, your previously registered players should already be listed for you.

You will be asked to answer a series of questions that will help us during tryout check in and team formation.  It is CRITICAL that the CONTACT INFORMATION that you provide is CURRENT AND ACCURATE as it is the only way that the Club can make contact with you about tryout results. Make sure you make that the PLAYER is the REGISTRANT (parent information is entered later in the process and they are not the registrant).

nce you are done with that you will be all set.  At tryouts, you will have to check-in to ensure that we have your complete information and get further tryout details.

If you have issues please contact Karrie Bishop, the USA Director of Communications, at [email protected] or Bruce Lane, the USA Director of Operations, at

What To Do If You Can't Attend Tryouts

Players interested in joining the Club for the 2024/2025 competition year must attend tryouts.  This is the only way that we can ensure that players are selected to the appropriate team, teams are formed in the most effective manner, and the Club is fully prepared for the competition year.  This being said, we understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow candidate players to attend tryouts.

If you are unable to attend tryouts you must indicate your planned absence on the online Tryout Registration form described above.  To accomplish this, follow the same steps outlined above, but indicate that your player will be absent from tryouts in the early questions of the registration (but do complete the rest of the form).

If you will be absent from tryouts, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU ATTEND OUR PRE-TRYOUT CAMP (and tell the coaches that you will be missing tryouts).

Completing this process is the only way that we know that players want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough).  There are no pre-defined makeups for missing tryouts and completing this absentee process does not guarantee a spot on a team.  However, for returning players, the coach is aware of individual skills and can use that understanding to make team placements.

What to Bring

  • A soccer-playing friend (they should tryout too)
  • A parent or guardian (to do paperwork (even if you completed the online registration) and be there with you))
  • Sufficient water (bring extra) (with your name on the container)
  • A soccer ball (we won't have enough to share) (with your name on the ball) - U7-U12 = size 4, U13 & Up = size 5
  • Shin guards (we will be playing and playing well will be important)
  • Outdoor soccer cleats
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather
  • A positive attitude
  • Please do not wear any club-affiliated clothing

What Are The Tryouts

Teams are formed through in-person, open, age and gender-specific tryouts.  It is essential that all players attend tryouts to ensure that player placement is as effective, efficient, and appropriate as possible.  It is also imperative that new players join the club to ensure continued strengthening of our teams and competitive experience (please spread the word). Our trained and licensed coaches evaluate participants based primarily on individual skill-level and apparent coachability. Secondarily, recognition may be paid to more subjective factors (e.g., team continuity/balance, advanced skill, player attitude/effort, etc.). We historically field at least one team at each age group for each gender.  We strive to ensure that our first teams are comprised of players of the strongest skill and like age/development.  We often will form multiple teams at a given age group and, as such, are able to support the developmental needs of all players.

Our Select Teams compete in the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) within the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).  Within this level of competition, they play teams that are generally within an hour of our area.  They also participate in tournaments that best suited to their level of development.

The Elite Teams are also within the GVSA league but are those teams that compete at the top division in the U12 and older age groups.  These teams compete at a higher level of competition.  They play locally as well as as well as teams in other leagues across the state.  These teams participate in tournaments that will provide higher levels of competition and may be further away from the area.

The Premier Teams compete in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) with MSYSA.  These teams play state-wide at an even higher levels of competition with their results earning rankings across the state to support promotion (or relegation) to higher levels of competition.  These teams participate in high-level, college showcase tournaments.

Our Elite and Premier teams may also participate in the MSYSA State Cup Tournament.  This is an in-season tournament with games that are played throughout the season (vs a single weekend) agains other high-level teams that must be accepted for participation.  These games take our teams across the state to gain further high-level competition.

Some key points to know:

  • Tryouts are open to all ... teams do not stay the same from year to year and everyone (even legacy players) must tryout to make a team.
  • Generally, on any team, the core may remain together, the outcome of the tryout process does create changes to our team rosters to ensure appropriate development of individual players, appropriate competitive level of teams, and continued strength of the Club at each age group.
  • We strive to ensure participation ... we recognize that every athlete develops at different rates.  As such, although tryouts (as is the world around us) are competitive, we strive to ensure that any player that has the desire to play (as witnessed by attending tryouts) has a team to play on (*although not a guarantee, we have historically been very successful in managing this).
  • We openly support the multi-activity lives of our athletes ... whether other sports, church, community ... if you play USA you can do other things, too.  Although, we do expect strong personal and family commitment and dedication for the sake of our teams, level of competitiveness, and strength of the Club.
  • The VALUE of USA is superior.  Our Club offers multiple training and individual enrichment programs that are not offered by any other local club.  There are clubs that are less expensive, but they do not offer the opportunities for overall growth and wellness that are offered by USA.  There are clubs that are more expensive, but their cost does not equate to the opportunities available.
  • Everyone can afford to play at USA ... we recognize the cost of playing travel soccer can be a serious consideration and as such offer strong, private financial aid program to ensure that all athletes that wish to play USA have the opportunity.

Points Of Contact for Questions

If you have questions in the following areas please contact the following club staff:

Club information, tryout process, absentee tryouts, online registration, general questions:
Club Director of Communications, Karrie Bishop at [email protected]
Club Director of Operations, Bruce Lane at [email protected]

Select team formation, premier team formation, coaching, general questions:
Club Director of Coaching, Wade Schuemann at [email protected] 

Note, the USA website at is the only source of information and up-to-date details regarding all aspects of tryouts.  Social media sites will not be maintained for this purpose (although information may be posted).  Do not rely on the club Facebook and Instagram sites for official information.

What To Expect After Tryouts

Immediately after each tryout event, the coaches and club operations staff will start the process of team formation. 

For Premier Teams, coaches from each age group will meet together to organize teams based on the tryout results.  Decisions will be made at the field.  Offers to join a team will occur at the field immediately following the tryout (i.e., do not leave the tryout facility).  Upon gaining an offer, immediate commitment is expected.  With acceptance of a roster spot, the player and family will complete the required registration materials and provide an initial, non-refundable payment.  From there, team coaches will coordinate future team-based activities.

For Select Teams, coaches from each age group will meet together to organize teams based on tryout results.  We will do our absolute best to contact families within 24-72 hours.  We know that the results are very important to you so be alert to emails (check your spam or junk mail folders) or phone calls.  Because communication will be flowing quickly, initial contact may be by email rather than phone calls. If you do not receive a call the night of tryouts do not be concerned - we will do our best to make calls the following day.  Phone call follow-up will be completed as soon as possible by the team coach or club manager. Please know that we take this process very seriously and know how important it is on many personal levels (in addition to being important for the Club).  As such, we make every effort to get it right ... and that often takes time (e.g., if you see a large turnout at your age group, the organization may take longer and calls may be delayed).  The email and/or phone communication will share the team placement with the Club and will provide you with details moving forward. If you have not heard from a Club representative within 36 hours, please contact the Director of Communications at [email protected] .

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