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Select and Elite Tryouts

Announcing USA Select and Elite Tryouts !

USA Soccer Club welcomes all soccer athletes who want to play competitive club soccer in Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020!  Tryouts are free and open to all boys & girls ages 6-18.  Teams are formed based on the results of these tryouts.

Here's how to participate:

Players interested in joining the Club for the 2019/2020 competition year must attend tryouts.  This is the only way that we can ensure that players are selected to the appropriate team, teams are formed in the most effective manner, and the Club is fully prepared for the competition year.  This includes all high school age boys that will be participating only in the Spring of 2020 (we historically do not host pre-spring tryouts).

STEP 1. 
No later than the evening of Sunday, June 16, complete the online league tryout pre-registration located on the top of the web page at:

                                               GRAND VALLEY SOCCER ASSOCIATION ( (follow this link to the page)

This is the website for the league within which our teams play.  Once at the site and selecting the stated link (at the top of the landing page) ... select USA Soccer Club and follow the prompts.

Information provided after that date may not be processed or included in other tryout functions. Beyond that date, tryout registration will be done in hard copy onsite at tryouts (see Optional Step 1 below).

To view guidance for completing the league registration follow this link -  ONLINE TRYOUT PRE-REGISTRATION PROCESS GUIDANCE

It is critical that each individual registers online with the league system as that is the only source that we have for information (this is the only way that we know that you want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough) ... PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS ENTER ARE ACCURATE (it is the only way that we contact individuals about the results of the tryout).

Optional Step 1 (hard copy option).  If you do not have access to a computer, you may register for tryouts using a hard copy form. Download this hard copy USA TRYOUT REGISTRATION FORM (select the link to download the form) and complete it.  Bring the completed form with you to tryouts. Alternatively, we will also have forms available at tryouts that can be completed onsite.

Go to tryouts!

Boys U7–U19 – Monday, June 17
Girls U7-U19 - Tuesday, June 18

Tryouts will be held at USA's fields at Helder Park (corner of Quincy St. and 104th Avenue).

Check-in:  5:30-6:15pm
Tryout Start: approximately 6:30pm
Tryout End: approximately 8:30pm

In the event of a weather cancellation, we will make up tryouts for boys on Wednesday, June 19 and girls on Thursday, June 20. Notice will be posted to the home page of this website only (do not rely on Facebook or other social media for official information).

What to bring:
~ A soccer-playing friend (they should tryout too)
~ A parent or guardian (to do paperwork (even if you completed the online registration) and be there with you))
~ Sufficient water
~ A soccer ball (we won't have enough to share)
~ Shin guards (we will be playing and playing well will be important)
~ Cleats
~ A positive attitude

Please do not wear any club-affiliated clothing. 

What the tryouts are:
Teams are formed through open, age and gender-specific tryouts. Our trained and licensed coaches evaluate participants based primarily on individual skill-level and apparent coachability. Secondarily, recognition may be paid to more subjective factors (e.g., team continuity/balance, advanced skill, player attitude/effort, etc.).  We historically field at least one team at each age group for each gender.  We strive to ensure that our first teams are comprised of players of the strongest skill and like age/development.  We often will form multiple teams at a given age group and, as such, are able to support the developmental needs of all players.

Some key points to know:
Tryouts are open ... teams do not stay the same from year to year and everyone (even legacy players) must tryout to make a team.  Generally, on any team, the core may remain together, the outcome of the tryout process does create changes to our team rosters to ensure appropriate development of individual players, appropriate competitive level of teams, and continued strength of the Club at each age group.
We strive to ensure participation ... we recognize that every athlete develops at different rates.  As such, although tryouts (as is the world around us) are competitive, we strive to ensure that any player that has the desire to play (as witnessed by attending tryouts) has a team to play on (*although not a guarantee, we have historically been very successful in managing this).
We openly support the multi-activity lives of our athletes ... whether other sports, church, community ... if you play USA you can do other things, too.  Although we do expect strong personal and family commitment and dedication for the sake of our teams, level of competitiveness, and strength of our Club, we do embrace the desire to develop the WHOLE player.
The VALUE of USA is superior.  Our Club offers multiple training and individual enrichment programs that are not offered by any other local club.  There are clubs that are less expensive, but they do not offer the opportunities for overall growth and wellness that are offered by USA.  There are clubs that are more expensive, but their cost does not equate to the opportunities available.
Everyone can afford to play at USA ... we recognize the cost of playing travel soccer can be a serious consideration and as such offer strong, private financial aid program to ensure that all athletes that wish to play USA have the opportunity.

What to do if you can't get to tryouts:
Players interested in joining the Club for the 2019/2020 competition year must attend tryouts.  This is the only way that we can ensure that players are selected to the appropriate team, teams are formed in the most effective manner, and the Club is fully prepared for the competition year.  This being said, we understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow candidate players to attend tryouts.  If you are unable to attend tryouts you may complete the ABSENTEE PROCESS (follow the link to our process or go to the Missing Tryouts page above). Completing this process is the only way that we know that players want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough).  There are no pre-defined makeups for missing tryouts and completing this absentee process does not guarantee a spot on a team.

If we are informed during the regular spring season that a player wishes to join the Club but can not make tryout, we may be able to coordinate a workout with an existing team to provide coaches the opportunity to see and get to know the candidate.  To pursue this potential approach, please contact [email protected] ASAP and provide your contact information and details.

What to expect after tryouts:
We will do our absolute best to contact families with in 24-48 hours.  We know that the results are very important to you so keep a phone close by (the one for which you provided the number) and don't be surprised by a phone call later in the night.  If you do not receive a call the night of tryouts do not be concerned - we will do our best to make calls the following day.  Please know that we take this process very seriously and know how important it is on many personal levels (in addition to being important for the Club).  As such, we make every effort to get it right ... and that often takes time (e.g., if you see a large turnout at your age group, the organization may take longer and calls may be delayed).  You will get a call from either a coach or one of our age group coordinators. They will share the team placement with the Club and will provide you with details moving forward.  If you have not heard from a Club representative within 36 hours, please contact the Director of Operations at [email protected] or by phone/text at 616-510-0774.

Then what's next:
Once  you make a team (and we really want to have a team for each player that comes out) the coach or assistant will contact you with a bunch of information about how to complete the registration process, the team, the team staff, future plans, etc..  Part of that information will be details for the Club-Wide Season Kick-Off on the evening of Thursday, June 27th.  That evening the entire Club will come out to the Soccer Stop Sportsplex to spend an hour or so together, meeting your coach and teammates, selecting uniforms, and completing any information that might be left to do.  This is the chance to finish online registration (we will have computers set up and people to help), pay if you did not do so online, talk with Club leadership about financial aid, and age any questions answered.

After that each team is on its way into summer, fun training & team building activities, and the USA Club Camp at Hope College in mid August when we really kick off the competition year.