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United Soccer Athletes

USA Goalkeeper Training

We are excited to announce registration for the United Soccer Athletes Goalkeeper Training. This focused training is offered to all USA Goalkeepers or athletes that are looking to strengthen their technical skills needed in goal to be successful in games.  Athletes will grow in the technical skills needed as a keeper through the break down of body mechanics and in-goal guidance to be the best they can be in the game. Creating good habits in goal now so that the keepers can become more consistent in their training come the spring season. 
  • Cost: $50.00 (for 5, one hour training sessions)
  • Place:  Soccer Stop Sportsplex (5 River Hills Drive, Holland)
  • Registration & Payment:  Online through the USA website using same player account used for team registration. Just login to the "My Account" in the upper right corner of the website and you should see "Programs Available" in the middle of the page for your player. Simply follow the registration steps (you can pay online, too ... or contact me to coordinate onsite payment).
  • Session Size: 5 players per trainer
  • Technical Focus: Athletes will grow in their technical skills needed as a keeper and grow in their ability to be savvy in the goal in game situations.
  • Primary Instructors:  Instruction will be provided by:
    • Jaelyn Winia: Current Zeeland East Girls Goalkeeper Coach
    • Sergio Reyes: Current USA Coach and Goalie Coach
  • Dates & Times:  Sundays February 3 - March 2  - 4:00-5:00pm
If you have any questions or need help with registration please contact Bruce Lane at [email protected] or 616-510-0774.