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Club Costs

Our Costs to Play - for the 2023/24 Competition Year

We strive to provide the highest value competitive soccer in the area.  As a not-for-profit we focus all of our fees are applied for the betterment of the Club and its players.  No single individual or ownership group owns the club or profits from our athletes ... as such, we are dedicated to maintaining relatively low operational costs while offering the highest quality soccer.  The value of USA is superior ... we offer multiple training and individual player enrichment programs that are not offered by any other club in our community.

Our Team Fee Structure:

In keeping with our family-focused, practical approach to travel soccer, our fees are built with an a-la-carte framework.  Using this approach we do not lump all the club offerings under one price.  Rather, we have our base team fee and then provide the other offerings as separate costs.  Other clubs may lump all the costs together for a significant fee.  We follow the rationale that not all of our players may be able to attend all the opportunities.  If we lumped the cost under one figure, families would be leaving money on the table if they were unable to participate.  Additionally, lumping the costs together reduces the transparency of what families are getting for their money with each opportunity.  Our approach keeps money in the pockets of our families.

Select Age Groups: Commitment Level Cost
2017 (u7) - 2016 (u8) Full Commitment (two seasons) $225
Partial Commitment (one season only) $190
2015 (u9) - 2014 (u10)Full Commitment (two seasons)$440
 Partial Commitment (one season only)$325
2013 (u11) - 2012 (u12)Full Commitment (two seasons)
$455 *
 Partial Commitment (one season only)
2011 (u13) - 2010 (u14) Full Commitment (two seasons) $510
Partial Commitment (one season only) $400
2009 (u15) - 2005 (u19)  Single Season of Play $400
Premier: Two Season (spring & fall) $750 ** + $200 deposit
Boys 2009  
Girls 2010, 2009  
Premier: Single Season $345 ** + $200 deposit
Boys 2008, 2006, 2005/04  
Girls 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004/05  

Our annual GVSA Team fees are built to provide each player with the following beyond covering our club overhead costs (state soccer fees, league soccer fees, field rental, equipment costs, coaching education, coaches stipend, operations staff salaries, etc.)

All USA Team fees provide each player with:
- Membership in the GVSA league
- 2 practices per week for approximately 10 weeks per season
- 8 games (4 home and 4 away)
- USA In-Season Elevation Program (including goal keeper training)
- USA Pre-Tryout Camp
- Access to winter indoor league play and training
- Access to all Club programs (some at additional cost)
   - Summer Elevation
   - Summer Elevation United Camp
   - Winter Elevation
   - Team-specific tournaments

*   Premier Academy (teams that are the Red Teams in the U11 and U12 age groups) team fees include:
- The general team fee values listed above
- Summer Elevation United Camp
- Summer Elevation
- Winter Elevation

**   Premier Team fees include:
- The general team fee values listed above
- Membership in the MSPSP league
- Access to game video footage from our VEO systems
- Participation in the StateCup Tournament or Showcase Tournament (depends on individual plans)
- Summer Elevation United Camp
- Summer Elevation
- Winter Elevation


Differences between team fees:
Our team fees are age group and league specific.  As teams get older, the team fees tend to increase.  This is largely due to the costs imposed on the club by the state and league organizations and the need for increased coaching credentials and coach investment.

MSPSP team fees are more than GVSA fees.  There are several additional overhead costs that the club faces with the MSPSP teams and that the teams benefit from (e.g., higher league fees, increased costs for team coaches, additional training space fees, etc.).

Simply put, the increased level of competition dictates the commitment of more time, energy, and financial support from the club and some of that must be reflected in our team fees.  However, we do not deviate from our fundamental belief that finances should not limit a child's participation.  As such, our financial aid program is extended fully across all of our players, regardless of the league in which their team plays.

Financial Support:  We recognize the cost of playing travel soccer can be a serious consideration and as such offer strong, private financial aid program to ensure that all athletes that wish to play USA have the opportunity.  We generally maintain our club fees for a two-year period.  This period alternates with the years where we must have a club-wide purchase of uniforms (which we also maintain for a two year period).  We do this so that our families continue to realize the value of USA Soccer without shouldering significant, fluctuating financial costs.

USA feels strongly that finances must not limit opportunities to be part of our family of teams.  As such, we have a strong financial support program that includes payment plans and financial aid.  Pursuing a payment plan is our first line of aid.  We hope that simply spreading the cost out over a period of time will help our families manage the team fees while fully supporting the club operations.  Beyond that, we will pursue focused financial aid where the cost of team fees may be reduced.  Processing of financial support occurs after team commitment and full player registration.  Details of financial support will be shared during the player registration process.  Our process is simple, non-invasive, and private.

Refunds: Upon commitment to a team, there will be no refunds.  Any refunds are at the discretion of the USA Board of Directors. Refunds will only be considered for individuals eliminated from team participation due to injury/illness or the unplanned dissolution of a team (refunds will only be given to those shown to have no active part in the dissolution). Any refund amounts are defined by the Board based on the individual circumstances (e.g., number of games played, impact to remainder of team, reason for refund, etc.).
Uniform Kit Uniforms are being maintained for two years.  This year uniforms must be purchased by all players. $145
Summer USA Elevation summer-long, weekly technical training program led by the USA Technical Training Team.$75 
USA Summer Elevation United Camp multi-day, pre-season (mid august), USA player-only technical skills camp $75
Winter USA Elevation winter-long, weekly technical training program led by the USA Technical Training Team. Partnering with
Soccer Stop Sportsplex
Winter Elevation Keeper Trainingwinter-long, weekly keeper training program led by the USA Technical Training TeamPartnering with
Soccer Stop Sportsplex
In-season USA Elevationtechnical training offered during the regular season of play during the fall and springno cost
In-season USA Elevation Keeper Trainingkeeper training offered during the regular season of play during the fall and springno cost
Individual and Small Group Specialized  Skills Trainingcustom training by club senior technical staffPartnering with
Soccer Stop Sportsplex
Individual and Small Group Specialized  Fitness Trainingcustom training by club senior technical & wellness staffPartnering with
Soccer Stop Sportsplex

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