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USA Leadership Team and Roles

United Soccer Athletes is a not-for-profit organization.  Our organization is nurtured by a board of directors and managed by dedicated operational staff.  Based on our governing doctrine, we have an operational board.  This means that our board of directors is actively involved in, and responsible for, the day-to-day operations of the club.  As such, you will see that some board members listed are also listed with certain key operational roles.  This approach has served well for over 2 decades.  There is no singular owner of the organization that is concerned for their individual income (as is the case with some local clubs) and the board of directors is intermittently aware of the daily health and operation of the club (rather than a disconnected group of individuals).  In the end, the leadership of USA is comprised of over a dozen individuals (whether on the board or chairing a board-level committee) that are diverse, work in our community, and care deeply about the overall, along term well being of the Club and our players.

If you wish to contact any of these individuals, please send an email to [email protected] and you will be connected with the appropriate individual directly.

Board of Directors
President Mike Panse
Vice President Bruce Lane
SecretaryMelissa Rudy
Heather DenUyl
Member at Large
Kirk Sautter
Member at Large
Jeff Lukas
Operational Directors 
Director of Operations Bruce Lane
Director of Communication Karrie Bishop
League Board Member Bruce Lane
Director of Player & Coach Development Wade Schuemann
Registrar Melissa Rudy
League Coordinator Melissa Rudy
Book KeeperHeather DenUyl
Referee AssignorChris Hofland
Uniform Coordinator Bruce Lane
Committee Chairs
Health, Wellness, & Training Kelly Wernette-Leff
Tournament AdvisoryKirk Sautter
Competitive Path AdvisoryWade Schuemann
College Preparation AdvisoryKirk Sautter
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