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USA Teams 

Teams are formed through open, age and gender-specific tryouts in mid-June. Our trained and licensed coaches evaluate participants based primarily on individual skill-level and coachability. Secondarily, recognition may be paid to more subjective factors (e.g., team continuity/balance, advanced skill, player attitude/effort, etc.).  We historically field at least one team at each age group for each gender.  We strive to ensure that our first teams are comprised of players of the strongest skill and like age/development.  We often will form multiple teams at a given age group and, as such, are able to support the developmental needs of all players.

We have two separate tryouts.  One set is for our Premier Teams.  The second set is for our Select/Elite Teams. Information about joining USA and our tryouts navigate to our Joining USA Page.

Our Select Teams compete in the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) within the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).  Within this level of competition, they play teams that are generally within an hour of our area.  They also participate in tournaments that best suited to their level of development.

The Elite Teams are also within the GVSA league but are those teams that compete at the top division in the U12 and older age groups.  These teams compete at a higher level of competition.  They play locally as well as teams in other leagues across the state.  These teams participate in tournaments that will provide higher levels of competition and may be further away from the area.

The Premier Teams compete in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) with MSYSA.  These teams play state-wide at even higher levels of competition with their results earning rankings across the state to support promotion (or relegation) to higher levels of competition.  These teams participate in high-level, college showcase tournaments.

Our Elite and Premier teams also participate in the MSYSA State Cup Tournament.  This is an in-season tournament with games that are played throughout the season (vs a single weekend) against other high-level teams that must be accepted for participation.  These games take our teams across the state to gain further high-level competition.

USA Coaches & Teams for the 2023/24 Competition Year

Based on tryouts, USA further strengthened its foundation of teams.  The matrix below shows the teams and coaches that we have planned for the upcoming competition year.  These may change based on the outcome of tryouts.

Premier Boys

2011 [u13] Boys
Head Coach
2010 [u14] Boys
Head Coach
2009 [u15] Boys Premier Head Coach Kurt Borgman
2008 [u16] BoysPremierHead CoachJacobArvidson
2006 [u18] BoysPremierHead CoachWade Schuemann
2007-05 Boys [u17-19] BoysPremierHead CoachMattMargaron
 Premier Girls    
2011 [u13] Girls
PremierHead CoachRachelGoudie
2010 [u14] Girls
PremierHead CoachKirkSautter
2009 [u15] Girls
PremierHead CoachAnnaHeintzleman
2008 [u16] GirlsPremierHead CoachKellyWernette-Leff
2007 [u17] Girls Premier Head Coach Jim Theis
2006 [u18] Girls Premier Head Coach Kirk Sautter
2007-05 [u18-19] Girls Premier Head Coach Raquel Pena

Boys Select and Elite

2016/17 [u8/7] BoysRedHead CoachAlbertoLaRosa
2015 [u9] BoysRedHead CoachJessBonzelaar
2014 [u10] BoysRedHead CoachJacobArvidson
2014 [u10] BoysWhiteHead CoachAdamRolain
2014 [u10] BoysBlueHead CoachEmmanuelOlmos
2013 [u11] Boys
RedHead CoachMatNguyen
2013 [u11] BoysWhiteHead CoachNoahWheaton
2012 [u12] Boys Red Head Coach Bob Bishop
2012 [u12] BoysByron Center RedHead CoachLancePellow
2012 [u12] BoysWhiteHead CoachTimMaday
2012 [u12] BoysBlueHead CoachNoah
Wheaton with
2011 [u13] Boys Red Head Coach Kevin McConnell
2011 [u13] BoysWhiteHead CoachCoryWilliams
2010 [u14] Boys Red Head Coach Wade Schuemann
2009 [u15] Boys Red Head Coach Jeff Schaap
2008 [u16] Boys Red Head Coach Cory Williams
2007-05 [u17-19] Boys
RedHead CoachMattMargaron
2007-05 [u17-19] Boys White Head Coach James Lunga

Girls Select and Elite

2016/17 [u8/7] Girls
RedHead Coach
2015 [u9] Girls Red Head Coach Bob Bishop
2014 [u10] Girls
RedHead Coach
2014 [u10] GirlsWhiteHead CoachChrisImber
2013 [u11] Girls
RedHead Coach
2013 [u11] Girls
WhiteHead Coach AaronGood
2012 [u12] Girls Red Head Coach Nick Arnold
2012 [u12] Girls
WhiteHead CoachCindy
Meengs with
2012 [u12] Girls
BlueHead CoachCameronSmith
2011 [u13] Girls Red Head Coach Rachel Goudie
2011 [u13] Girls
WhiteHead CoachBritneyInthavong
2010 [u14] Girls Red Head Coaches KirkSautter
2010 [u14] GirlsWhiteHead CoachBiancaBobadilla
2009 [u15] Girls
RedHead CoachAnnaHeintzleman
2009 [u15] Girls White Head Coach BruceLane
2008 [u16] Girls Red Head Coach MattMargaron
2007-05 [u17-19] Girls  Red Head Coach Raquel Pena
2007-05 [u17-19] Girls WhiteHead CoachBruceLane

Important points when considering the coaching at USA:

Each USA team has a licensed, experienced head coach dedicated to that team (i.e., our coaches generally do not coach multiple teams so your player's team receives 100% of the coach's focus).

Each team generally has a staff of 2-3 individuals (head coach plus assistant coaches) to ensure an optimal coach:player ratio and the ability to focus on individual and team development.  Many of our teams have a dedicated Technical Coach to further bolster the coaching ranks and aid the Head Coach with technical development.

Each team has a team manager who supports the coaching staff, players, and families throughout the season.

The Club provides our coaches with continual training opportunities throughout the year to ensure ongoing development.

USA has a dedicated Director of Coaching and a Player Development Technical Director to help guide the placement and development of our coaches and players.

USA has a functional Board of Directors that is dedicated to providing open, effective communication to the Club families.


USA is ALWAYS looking for talented, dedicated coaches.  Whether to serve as a head coach or an assistant, openly embrace individuals that want to get involved. Through out coach development approach we install coaches on teams the in a manner the best supports both the team and the coach.  The depth and breadth of our coaching resources have proven to provide stability, competence, and nurturing to our teams through their coaches.  Our coaches receive compensation for their time, energy, skill, and dedication.

If you are interested in joining the USA Coaching Team, contact Wade Schuemann, the USA Director of Coaching at [email protected] or Bruce Lane, the USA Director of Operations at [email protected]

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