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Your USA Family/Fan Canon

In an effort to ensure that our team fans (families) continue to fully support the USA mission, the Code of Conduct, and our team coaching staff, we put forth our USA Family Canon.  It is expected that all USA fans will review, understand, and embrace the tenants of this document.

How Not to Be a Nightmare Parent

The following link has a good article that everyone involved with sports (parent & coaches in particular) needs to know:


What Club Policies and Guidelines Do I Need To Know?

We are a transparent organization and we manage the club through a handful of essential policies and guidelines. Awareness and understanding of these documents by everyone involved in the Club is critical to the ongoing success of the Club (development & safety of our players, pursuit of our mission, adherence to league rules, etc.). 

These documents can be found in our Forms/Policy page.

Concussion Awareness

Moms, Dads, Coaches, and Managers,

The prevention of concussion injuries is an increasingly important topic in all sports.  Although they can never be completely avoided, knowledge about prevention and treatment and protective gear is a obvious good place to start.

Although the Club and your coaches can not take responsibility for eliminating or even reducing concussions, we do want each of our families and team staff to have more resources for becoming knowledgeable about concussion prevention and accessing protective gear.  Toward this end, we are directing you to the following government link for more information about the topic - 

Additionally, the Club has made arrangements with local sports equipment stores to make headgear and mouth guards available to our players at reduced cost.  Refer to the email distributed previously or contact [email protected] for more details.

The responsibility for  understanding, preventing, and treating all injuries is a shared responsibility.  It is hoped that through knowledge of concussions and their prevention, coupled with informed decisions to play the game of soccer in a safe manner, the reality of concussions (along with all other sports-injuries) will be minimized - regardless of what field or court our children play on.

Your USA Board

Federal Concussion Awareness Flyer

Concussion Awareness Flyer

MSYSA Heading Rule

MSYSA Heading Rule

Other Questions About the Club or Events?

We'll try our best to keep you and our site updated with important information and Club events. But we are human and do make mistakes, so feel free to contact us [email protected] anytime if you have questions, or pull aside one of our board members.

Federal Concussion Awareness Flyer

MSYSA Heading Rule

MSYSA Heading Rule


Federal Concussion Awareness Flyer

MSYSA Heading Rule

MSYSA Heading Rule

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