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USA Families,

Thank you for being patient about uniforms ... like everything else, it was complicated by COVID-life and we took on some extra work to reduce costs for this year.  Anyway ... the time has come ... but we have a VERY TIGHT WINDOW (before July 17th) to complete the process.

USA purchases uniforms club-wide every two years (we use the same style uniform for two competition years).  Historically we select a mid-range style from Adidas to ensure unified quality and durability.  This year was to be a club-wide purchase year but we decided to maintain our kit for an additional year to help reduce financial burden on our families during these strained COVID-driven times.  As such, returning players may continue to use their past kits and new players must purchase a new kit.  To help reduce the cost for a single-year uniform, we worked with Team Gazelle to offer a non-Adidas option for our select and elite teams. 

Our uniforms and club gear (fan-wear) is managed online through Team Gazelle.  We do not manage any part of the ordering, payment or fulfillment process.  Ordering uniform kits, pieces of kits, or other Club gear is completed directly between the families and Team Gazelle.

The document below has been provided by Team Gazelle to share important details and help walk you through the process.  Before you jump into it, here are some important points.

  • If your player is returning and their kit still fits (and you have all the required pieces) from last year, you do not need to purchase a new kit.
  • If your player is returning but needs a number adjustment  ... continue to the bottom of this email for the process of coordinating changes OR you may purchase a new kit.
  • If your player is new to a USA Select or Elite team, you must purchase a new kit ... per the following process .. AND must have a uniform number assigned by your team coach.  For this year only, the uniform package is from A4 and is $66.50.
  • If your player is new to a USA Premier Team, you must purchase the current, full Adidas kit used in previous years... per the following process .. AND must have a uniform number assigned by your team coach.  The uniform package that we have used for the previous 2 years is from Adidas and is between $124.50 and $136.50 depending on size.
  • The club does not coordinate 'used' uniforms from players that graduated out of the club.  However, if you are able to find a kit from a past player it may be used (it must be a uniform with the current logo and colors).
  • As we are stretching the use of our current uniform style for an additional year, there may be availability issues with some pieces/sizes of the Adidas kit (typically a style of uniform is only supported by the manufacturer for two years and beyond that inventory levels may become limited).
  • Fan-wear (t-shirts, hats, etc.) will not be available until closer to the start of the season so that the company can prioritize uniform delivery.  There are some items (bags, training jackets, etc) available under the uniform ordering section.
  • If you have any questions about any part of this process please contact: Bruce Lane, [email protected] , 616-510-0774



To complete the ordering process, order online at 

Orders can be placed by visiting: 

<< the link that is provided MUST used in your browser just as it is written - just typing in Team Gazelle will not get you to the right spot >>

  • Once at the Team Gazelle site, type "USA" in the 'select your club' search field.
  • You will see our logo on the top left of the clubs.
  • Click on our logo to navigate to our catalog.
  • Under UNIFORMS (on the left navigation bar) you will see options ... SELECT or PREMIER ... make sure that you choose the correct option (select = our select and elite teams)
  • Please note that you will not be able to place your order until your player number has been assigned.  If you do not have a player number contact your team coach.
  • When ordering complete uniform kits (required of each USA player) the user must select on each one of the required items (there are 5 items - 2 jerseys (home & away), 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of game socks, and 1 practice jersey) and enter the size, player number (make sure it is entered correctly on all 4 items), choose quantity and click on "add to cart".  The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

Contact Team Gazelle directly with any questions about the ordering process or your order status (including back orders) once it has been placed or received.  The Club does not have any information about uniforms.  You will be referred back to Gazelle.


If your player is a returning USA player but joining a new USA squad and must change their number you have two options:
  1. purchase a new kit for this year (per the above process) 
  2. get the number modified
If you decide to get the uniform number changed, here is the process.
  • Due to the fabric of the uniforms and numbers, the old numbers are not removed.  To change numbers, an added numeral is added to the existing number.  The best option is to add the number "1" to the FRONT of the current number ("1" must be used as it is skinny and will minimize the unbalance of placement on the jersey (e.g., adding 8 will be too thick and the 8 will end up under the arm of the uniform).  Yes, this will generate 3 digit uniform numbers.
  • Coordinate with your team coach to ensure that the new number is not already in use by another teammate and so that they have record of the uniform number.
  • Give all numbered kit pieces (both game jerseys and shorts (practice jersey is optional)) to your coach.
  • The pieces must be in a bag (do not provide loose)
    • In the bag, along with the uniform pieces, must be a note with:
      • Your player's name
      • The 'old' uniform number
      • The 'new' uniform number
      • Your cell phone number
      • Your email address
  • The package must be to your coach by Friday July, 17th
  • Team coaches will provide all packages to the club coordinator.
  • The club coordinator will deliver the packages to Team Gazelle for the changes to be made.
  • When the changes are complete, the process will be reversed for delivery.

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