USA Games

Games are schedule to begin the weekend of April 19th.  However, as a result of delayed snow melt, delays and cancelations should be expected.  The Club will continually assess field conditions and coordinate with field supervisers to deterimine the actual viable schedule.  Changes will be communicated through the coaches of each team and will be posted on the Club home page.


USA plays its home games at Helder Park in Holland Charter Township (Zeeland).


Away games are played across the greater Grand Rapids area, generally within an hour drive of Holland.


The USA website does not maintain accurate information related to game schedules or results.  This information is maintained only on the GVSA website.


Go to the GVSA site for official game information.





Holland Charter Township - Providers of Helder Fields

The USA home fields at Helder Park are managed by Holland Charter Township.  Any decisions related to field closures and general use are made by the HCT Recreation Staff.  Informational posting related to the Helder Fields can be found on their website.


Go to the HCT site for official notices regarding Helder Fields.





Location of Helder Fields - Location of USA Home Games

USA plays home games at Helder Park at 4000 104th Avenue, Zeeland, MI  49464.

Maps to GVSA League Fields (link to the GVSA Site)

Follow this link to navigate to the GVSA Field Map Page for a listing of all field locations for the GVSA teams.

Helder Field Layout Map

Helder Setup Spring 2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [23.6 KB]