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Club Costs - Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Our Costs to Play - for the 2017/18 Competition Year

We strive to provide the highest value competitive soccer in the area.  As a not-for-profit we focus all of our fees on the betterment of the Club and its players.  As such, we able to maintain relatively low operational costs while offering the highest quality soccer.

Here are our costs play:

Age Group

Commitment Level


’10 (u8), ’09 (u9), ‘08 (u10)

Full Commitment



Single Season


’07 (u11) & Up

Full Commitment



Single Season


'02 (u16) Premier Single (fall-only) Season $400

Upon commitment to a team, all refunds are at the discretion of the USA Board of Directors. Refunds will only be considered for individuals eliminated from team participation due to injury/illness or the unplanned dissolution of a team (refunds will only be given to those shown to have no active part in the dissolution). Any refund amounts are defined by the Board based on the individual circumstances (e.g., number of games played, impact to remainder of team, reason for refund, etc.).

Uniform Kit

Only required for new players to the club this year (returning players may use the kit purchased last year)


USA Club Camp 

Pre-season, USA player only camp hosted by Hope College Soccer (special rate/ timing for high school boys)


Winter Technical Training

8 week, late-winter, USA player only technical skills camp (special rate/ timing for high school girls)