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United Soccer Athletes

USA Teams & Coaches for the 2017/18 Competition Year

Important points when considering the coaching at USA:

Each USA team has a licensed, experienced head coach dedicated to that team (i.e., our coaches generally do not coach multiple teams so your player's team receives 100% of the coach's focus).

Each team generally has a staff of 2-4 individuals (head coach plus assistant coaches) to ensure an optimal coach:player ratio and the ability to focus on individual and team development.  Many of our teams have a dedicated Technical Coach to further bolster the coaching ranks and aid the Head Coach with technical development.

Each team has a team manager who supports the coaching staff, players, and families throughout the season.

The Club provides our coaches with continual training opportunities throughout the year to ensure ongoing development.

USA has a dedicated Director of Coaching and a Player Development Technical Director to help guide the placement and development of our coaches and players.

USA has a functional Board of Directors that is dedicated to providing open, effective communication to the Club families.

 Boys Teams        
2010/09 [u8/9] BoysRedHead CoachKurtBorgman
2008 [u10] Boys Red Head Coach Jesse Anderson
2008 [u10] Boys White Head Coach Don Glennie
2007 [u11] Boys Red Head Coach Paul Dobb
2007 [u11] BoysRed BCHead CoachLancePellow
2006 [u12] Boys Red Head Coach Corey Broersma
2006 [u12] Boys White Head Coach Chris Kolezsar
2006/7 [u11/12] BoysBlueHead CoachToddKercher
2005 [u13] Boys Red Head Coach Dave VanderPloeg
2004 [u14] Boys Red Head Coach Daniel Woolsey
2004/5 [u13/14] BoysWhiteHead CoachJuanGonzales
2003 [u15] Boys Red Head Coach Dave Hertel
2002 [u16] Boys Red Head Coach Dave Hertel
2001 [u17] BoysRedHead Coach
2000 [u18] Boys Red Head Coach Javier Lopez
1999 [19] Boys Red Head Coach Chris Hofland
Girls Teams
2008 [u10] Girls Red Head Coach Kelly Stetser
2007 [u11] Girls Red Head Coach Jim Theis
2007 [u12] Girls Red Head Coach Kirk Sautter
2006 [u12] Girls White Head Coach Pete Ambrosi
2005 [u13] Girls Red Head Coach Mike Panse
2004 [u14] Girls Red Head Coach Barry Hutzel
2003 [u15] Girls Red Head Coach Jeff Lukas
2002 [u16] Girls Red Head Coach David Borski
2000-1999 [u18/19] GirlsRedHead CoachDaveSalas
2000-1999 [u18/19] Girls Whte Head Coach Molly Currens
2000-1999 [u18/19] Girls Blue Head Coach Bruce Lane
USA Premier Team
2002 [u16] Girls Red/Premier Head Coach Jason Hunter