Practices for all fall USA teams start the week of August 18th.  The final practice schedules/field assignments and field layouts can be found on our Practice Information page.


Field layouts for our home games and practices at Helder Park can be viewed and downloaded from our Practice Information page and Game Information pages.


Games start the weekend of September 6th.  Game infomation (dates, times, and locations) are posted on the GVSA website at www.gvsoccer.org.  Additional information can be found on our Game Information page.


If you have specific questions please talk with your coach for details or email the Club at info@usasoccerholland.com

Have a great season.

Respect Campaign - Club Code of Conduct

For years, the USA Club has functioned under a Code of Conduct for our players, coaches, AND families.  Now, as an extension of the RESPECT Campaign initiated in the European professional soccer ranks and recently adopted by our league, we have extended our code to include the League's Codes of Conduct ... AND we now require each coach, player, and family to read, understand, and sign-off on the codes (and they are maintained by the Club for reference if needed).


To this end, follow this RESPECT link to read and download the Codes of Conduct underwhich we play.  There is one for coaches, another for players, and a third for families.  If you have not done so, please download, read, sign and submit the appropriate document(s) to our Club Registrar at registrar@usasoccerholland.com .

Concussion Awareness

The USA Soccer Club strives to put the well-being of our players above all else.  In keeping with the state and federal Heads-Up Concussion Awareness Program, our Club has developed a process for coaches and parents to follow in the event of a potential concussive head injury.


Follow this CONCUSSION link to our page containing concussion awareness and management materials.


Our mission is to provide high quality, high competition, affordable soccer to area youth with the guiding principle of: In the best interests of the kids.  In keeping with that mission, we strive to maximize access to club-level soccer to area players.  While focusing on building individual and team soccer skills and performance we maintain a constant eye on building complete athlete citizens.  An underlying concentration of all our Club activities is to foster player character by emphasizing sportsmanship and dedication while encouraging them to be involved with their schools, churches, and community.


We are a volunteer-run, 501c3 not-for-profit corporation.  As volunteer parents, neighbors and friends, we have a vested interest in creating the best possible experience for our children. This meshes well with both our mission (by keeping the cost affordable) and with our guiding principle (by maintaining a pure focus on promoting our players).


USA insists on positive, encouraging behavior from coaches, from parents, and from players during practices, games, and from the sidelines. This models the same good attitude and good sportsmanship that we will develop and expect from our players as well.  We continue to grow and develop in our coaching staff and methods so that we can nurture our children in their personal and soccer skill development, and their enjoyment of the game.